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The Five Behaviors® Model

Trust One Another

When team members are genuinely transparent and honest with one another, it forms a safe environment that creates and builds vulnerability-based trust.

Engage in Conflict Around Ideas

With trust, team members are able to engage in unfiltered, constructive debate of ideas.

Commit to Decisions

When team members are able to offer opinions and debate ideas, they feel heard and respected and will be more likely to commit to decisions.

Hold One Another Accountable

Once everyone is committed to a clear plan of action, they will be more willing to hold one another accountable.

Focus on Achieving Collective Results

The ultimate goal is the achievement of results, unlocked through implementing the model’s principles of Trust, Conflict, Commitment, and Accountability.

Build Trust.

Transform Culture.

Rise Together.

Patrick Lencioni on Teamwork

Discover what it takes to build a truly cohesive and effective team using The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team® model. Listen to Patrick Lencioni on the power of teamwork.

Measure Team Results Over Time & Celebrate Milestones with PROGRESS REPORTS

The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team assessment establishes an initial benchmark of team performance. The Five Behaviors Progress report can be administered at intervals over time providing a side-by-side comparison of results from the initial benchmark for no additional fee for the same team.

Five Behaviors Case Study – Lee Memorial Health Systems
Follow the journey of a Fort Myers, FL. radiology department from dysfunction to cohesiveness, and learn how the Five Behaviors program helped their team build trust, master conflict, and achieve business results.

Microsoft Success Story with The Five Behaviors
See how the world’s largest producer of software stays innovative and ahead of the competition. Using The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team as the foundation of their Organizational Capital Program, Microsoft can develop their teamwork, the ultimate competitive advantage.

Five Behaviors Case Study – All in, All the Time!
When Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Las Vegas (RMHLV) found themselves feeling burnt out and resentfuly, they knew they needed a serious change. With The Five Behaviors, RMHLV was able to form a new culture that allowed them to reach levels of teamwork they had never experienced. Read the full story to learn more!

The Ripple Effect of Employee Engagement at King County
See how King County discovered the solution to get aligned, empower their employees, and move teams toward collective success.

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